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Adult Cat Food Chicken Meal & Rice Healthy Weight Cat Food Kitten Food
List Price: $63.60
Chicken Meal & Rice Cat Formula healthy weight cat food Formula Kitten Food

"Mr. Sylvester has always been a finicky eater. We have tried Wellness Grain Free, Blue Grain Free, and Lotus. Eventually these foods were scattered across the floor, now our boy eats every kernel of food. His vet stated "he is leaner, coat is soft with a youthful sheen." We are sold on BOGO Bowl, the bonus we help other kitties as well." Mercedes, California

"If he doesn't like what's in the bowl he goes and kills everything he can and eats it. Well he's been cleaning his bowl and not hunting so that is a good recommendation from him." Grace, Johnston

We can send along four 5 pound bags instead of one 20 pound. Let us know in comments!
"They love their food and their breath doesn't smell gross any more.  Quality food equals nice kitten breath.  And Lovely fur too!" Holleen, Iowa
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