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You buy a bag and we give a bag to a pet in need.

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This is the important part – who do we help?

Shelters & rescues use BOGO Bowl food to feed the animals in their care. They can redirect dollars previously spent on dog food to other necessities like medical care, facility improvements, more marketing of dogs available for adoption, and many other vital tasks that help homeless dogs find just the right family to adopt.

Foster-based programs can use BOGO Bowl food, too! Providing food to the generous people who foster dogs allows more people to take on this very important role (and maybe foster failures!).

Pet pantries are the unsung heroes of the animal welfare world, working hard to keep loved pets in their homes and out of our already overburdened shelters. They sometimes have the hardest time getting food donations because they are not yet understood. We believe they are the frontline of helping end homeless pets in our country so we fully support their efforts!

Shelters & rescues with food agreements. Some shelters have food agreements in place that prevent them from accepting food from other manufacturers; for organizations in that situation, we suggest they create a pet pantry program with BOGO Bowl’s support to slow the stream of relinquished animals into their care.
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