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You buy a bag and we give a bag to a pet in need.

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To help animals, of course! But if you’re wondering how this came about, it’s a short story. Sara, our Chief Foodie, got together with some great women in 2009 and together they created an organization called The Pet Project Midwest whose mission is to keep pets with the people who love them (and out of shelters). They developed proactive programs to address the potential causes of separation before they become irreparable. 

One of those programs is a pet food pantry. Sara quickly discovered there are programs to help shelters get the food they need for their charges, but not everyone is eligible and there’s not always enough to go around. It is much harder for pet pantries to get food support.

So she wondered if she could leverage the dollars she was spending feeding her own dogs (see the bio section) to help the pantry. Surprise! Yes, she could. And that’s how – and why - BOGO Bowl came to be.
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